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    Drilling Fluid Manifold

    Product Detail

      Drilling Fluid Manifold1429861014252596.jpg

      drilling fluid manifold consists of mud gate valve, high pressure union, tee, cross, elbow, high pressure hose, pup joint, pressure gauge, etc. The ground valve group adopts the goose shaped tee structure, compact and low in fluid resistance. The rig valve group adopts adaptor spool, which can be directly used as single pipe on site. The high pressure union is made of high strength alloy steel and heat treated. The gate and valve seat are spray welded with hard alloy, which prolongs the life of the valve, reduces the operation torque and prolongs easy opening. The elbow, adaptor, tee, and cross, etc are made of high strength alloy steel and heat treated. The wall thickness is increased to meet the demands of high strength and corrosion resistance. For parts with high precision requirements, special processes are adopted to guarantee the quality. All high pressure bearing parts are hydrostatic tested for strength and seal tested before assembly to ensure quality before delivery.
      1.When installing, first clean the seal surface of the union and the groove of the seal ring, apply grease and get sundries out of the pipe.
      2.Check whether all the outer connections are fastened.
      3.Parts may be disassembled when handing, clean all the pipelines. Wrap the connecting parts after applying grease to keep sundries out and avoid bumping threads and sealing surface.
      Suggestions for use and maintenance:
      Inject calcium base grease into the mud pump regularly for maintenance.

      Check at regular intervals whether the connecting and fastening bolts are loose.
      Replace the seal immediately in case of leakage at the sealing part.
      Keep the exterior of the manifold clean and apply anti-corrosion paint regularly.
      Note: The mud valve gate valve is only intended to open and close the pipe. It's not supposed to be used as the throttle valve in case the sealing face may be damaged.

      Connection type:Union, Flange.

      Working Pressure: 3,000psi ~ 10,000psi
      Working Condition: Raw oil (gas), mud, drill liquids, natural gas including sulphur.
      Main gushing bore: 2-9/16” ~ 4-1/16”
      Choke gushing bore: 2-9/16” ~ 4-1/16”
      Kill pipe bore: 2-1/16” ~ 3-1/16”
      Temperature Class: K~U
      Material Class: EE, FF
      Manufacturing Level: PSL2, PSL3
      Manufacturing Standard: API SPEC 6A, API SPEC 16C, NACE MR-0175.


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